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Gun control group endorses Joe Biden

Michael Bloomberg’s gun control group, Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund, will reportedly spend millions of dollars in advertisements and organizing activities for candidates it endorses and on Joe Biden’s behalf. Everytown for Gun Safety is a gun control group that provides no information at all about gun safety.

Joe Biden said he was “honored” to have the endorsement even bragged about his gun control bona fides, stating “I’ve taken on the NRA and defeated them twice, and I believe we need a candidate for president who will fight alongside these leaders, not the NRA or gun manufactures.” Joe Biden also received the endorsement of gun control group Brady Campaign.

Bloomberg’s gun control group plans to guts the 2nd Amendment

The main goals of Bloomberg’s gun control fund are no different than others with the same agenda and that is to advance legislation that will whittle down the 2nd Amendment, defang the NRA’s lobbying power, and criminalize the manufacturing and sales of firearms. Joe Biden believes we need a candidate for president that will advance this anti-American agenda.

This endorsement may pay some dividends for Joe Biden’s efforts to secure the DNC nomination, but come general election time when tens of millions of law abiding gun owners head to the polls, Joe Biden will not receive very many of those votes unless he puts some considerable distance between himself and gun control groups that seek to undermine the 2nd Amendment.

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