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The gun control plan of Bernie Sanders may be too moderate for a candidate seeking the Democratic Nomination for president

The Democratic Party has sought to make progress in the area of gun control for quite some time and they are not bashful with their policy proposals on the topic either. Self-described Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders does not appear to be in lock-step with the Democratic Party on the issue of gun control, that is if you believe the way the media describes it. Although his gun control plans on the surface seem to mirror those of other democratic candidates, there seems to be some concern that his previous voting record in the U.S. Senate on gun control measures falls short of where the rest of the democratic party currently stands.

In a recent USA Today article, Bernie Sanders said “he will take on the NRA; expand background checks; end the gun show loophole; ban assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition; implement a buyback program to get assault weapons off the streets; license assault weapons the same way that we do for automatic weapons; crack down on “straw purchases”; and pass “red flag” legislation so weapons stay out of the hands of those who shouldn’t have them.”

Bernie’s gun control plan is very much in line with other Democrat candidates

These are pretty much the same anti-2nd Amendment positions held by other candidates vying for the Democratic nomination, so it is unclear exactly where Bernie Sanders is falling short of their expectations on the subject. One area perhaps could be his previous reluctance to outright criminalize the manufacture and sale of firearms, which other democratic candidates support. 

The gun control plans that Bernie Sanders has should serve him just fine during the Democratic Primaries, but he will certainly face a serious problem with those positions if he becomes the Democratic nominee for president, because anti-2nd Amendment policy proposals tend to alienate general election voters across most of the country.

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