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With apprehensions down at the border, immigration officials finally making some headway on deportations

Last year the Trump administration put policies in place and struck deals with Mexico and Central American countries that acting Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan credits for putting the Department of Homeland Security in a position to cut into the backlog of removal cases. Mark Morgan stated with apprehensions down at the border, they are now deporting more illegal immigrants each month than they are apprehending at the border.

The Trump administration has long sought to curtail, if not end entirely, the dangerous and backward thinking “catch and release” immigration policies of previous administrations that have allowed millions of illegal immigrants to flood into the United States to maliciously exploit our taxpayer funded social programs, drive down American wages by providing unscrupulous business owners with cheap labor, and have turned almost every sanctuary city into crime-ridden cesspools that have become so unsafe, American citizens are fleeing in droves in search of a sanctuary to safely live within America.

Proponents of open borders fight back on apprehensions and deportations

However, even with apprehension down at the border, pro-open borders politicians, judges, special interest groups, activists, and the media have taken a scorched earth approach towards any effort the Trump administration has made to enforce immigration laws in the United States since he first took office in January 2017.

The news that immigration officials are finally making some headway on apprehensions of illegal immigrants at the border and deportation of illegal immigrants is a sign that the Trump administration takes very seriously the sovereignty of the United States and the safety of American citizens.   

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