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March Democrat Presidential Debate: Two old guys looking to the past with no vision for the future

The March Democrat presidential debate was held in a CNN studio with no audience. After the Super Tuesday democratic primaries, the DNC changed its debate rules (again) forcing the only female democratic candidate left in the race off the debate stage. That move reserved the debate stage for Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, two old guys looking to the past with no vision for the future to stumble and bumble their way through two hours of the moderators soft-ball questions.

Plans for the coronavirus pandemic

Both Biden and Sanders took their shots at the Trump administration’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic and both of them offered their own fantasies about how they would handle the pandemic.

Joe Biden reminisced about the Obama administration’s handling of the Ebola crisis as blueprint and the failed Obamacare plan as the foundation for dealing with the current coronavirus. Joe Biden said he would also deploy the U.S. Military domestically to deal with the coronavirus while he was hunkered down in the situation room looking to other world leaders for guidance and solutions.

Bernie Sanders rolled out his Medicare for All plan as a one size fits all solution for every healthcare situation that arises including the current coronavirus pandemic.

Holding China accountable for the coronavirus pandemic

Neither candidate demonstrated a willingness to hold China accountable for the worldwide coronavirus pandemic and the question was never asked about America being almost entirely dependent upon China to supply our country with everything our healthcare system needs or if either of them had any plans to address that problem.

Bernie Sanders did say he was willing to take on the pharmaceutical industry to get prices of drugs lowered. Joe Biden, who has received campaign contributions from the pharmaceutical industry for four decades, avoided the topic of prescription drug pricing entirely.

Open borders immigration policies

Both candidates fully embraced open borders immigration policies, while avoiding saying the words directly. Both Biden and Sanders would essentially do away with immigration enforcement entirely and force the taxpayers to foot the bill for the consequences, calling it an investment in the country’s future.

Climate change and the spread of deadly viruses

The moderators and candidates put their best effort forward to claim some sort of cause and effect between climate change and the spread of deadly viruses. This whole segment of the debate was so completely incomprehensible and nonsensical it is hard to imagine any of the viewers being able to make any sense of it.

Sanders attacks Biden on wanting to cut Social Security, Medicare, and Veterans Programs

Bernie Sanders, rightfully, called Joe Biden out for his previous calls to cut Social Security, Medicare, and Veterans Programs. Joe Biden denied ever saying it. Here is video in Joe Biden’s own words, The moderators could have fact checked this one in real time, but showed no interest in calling Joe Biden a liar.

Spend, Spend, Spend

The remainder of the debate was a back and forth contest about which candidate could empty out the federal treasury, burn through taxpayer funds, and blow the ceiling off the national debt with deficit spending the fastest to pay for everything that has been on the Democrats legislative wish list for past 50 years. There is a good reason why the Democrats legislative wish list is sitting around collecting dust on Capitol Hill, there is not enough money in circulation around the entire planet to pay for it all.

The March Democrat presidential debate ended as it began, returning to the topic of the coronavirus pandemic

In their closing statements, both candidates reiterated what they had said at the beginning of the debate about how they would each handle the current coronavirus pandemic, which undoubtedly left all of the debate viewers and the rest of America relieved that neither one of them are in the Oval Office right now.

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