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Congress wants President Trump to use The Defense Production Act to ramp up domestic production of critical medical supplies

For decades, Congress, under immense lobbying pressure, has allowed our country to be become completely dependent on foreign countries, namely China, the source of the new coronavirus, for all of our critical medical and pharmaceutical supplies. Now Congress wants President Trump to use The Defense Production Act (DPA) to ramp up domestic production of those critical medical supplies.

The Defense Production Act

The Defense Production Act (DPA) was enacted in 1950 at the beginning of the Cold War. The DPA provides a series of Presidential authorities that can be used to coerce U.S. manufactures to expedite production of supplies and resources that are deemed critical to the defense of the country.

Being in the midst of the current coronavirus pandemic, Congress wants President Trump to use this Cold War era legislation to ramp up domestic production of the critical medical supplies that may be needed to get the country through this pandemic. Consequently, it is a critical medical supply shortage that Congress helped create.

Congress and corporate greed created this medical supply chain disaster

The United States should never be in a position where we have to rely on any other country for any of our critical supplies. Our inability to domestically produce the critical supplies needed is a disaster in and of itself. And it is a disaster that can be blamed entirely on Congress and corporate greed.

Consequently, American lives will be unnecessarily lost because medical professionals and hospitals will not have the supplies, equipment, or medicine to handle every critical coronavirus case that comes through their doors.

Congress needs to act now to prevent supply change shortages in the future

Congress needs to slam the door shut on all corporate lobbying and fix the damn mess they created with our nation’s critical supply chain. Here is your notice Congress. America is in a national crisis over this pandemic and voters are watching every move you make. Remember, the November elections will be here before you know it, act now or you will find yourself in the unemployment line with the rest of us.

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