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Playing politics in a time of crisis

Congress is supposed to be working on a third phase stimulus bill to help Americans. Instead, Democrats and Republicans on capitol hill are playing politics in a time of crisis. Many local and state governments around the country have selectively shut down businesses by fiat and put millions of Americans out of work in an effort to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

Playing politics in a time of crisis is very dangerous for our country

For decades, Congress, always being more responsive to lobbyists and donors than working Americans, have completely destroyed the middle class in this country, resulting in most Americans getting by, literally, paycheck to paycheck.

Many of the Americans that have been put out of work by their own local and/or state government fall into that category and are just one paycheck away from financial calamity.

Congress should have had this stimulus bill ready for President Trump’s signature a couple of weeks ago, not a week or two from now. For many of the small businesses and their employees out of work, it may already be too late, and the level of financial uncertainty they are now facing may have more disastrous consequences than the virus itself.

Millions of Americans have lost their paycheck while Congress is still getting theirs

One of the biggest reasons Congress has been unable to expedite a stimulus bill that will help Americans currently out of work is because they are not in the same position financially. Congress, over the decades, has insulated themselves from the decisions they subject every American to.

While many millions of Americans have been forced out of work by local and state governments and currently have no paycheck to rely on, Congress is still getting their paycheck.

Millions of Americans have also watched the value of their retirement accounts implode over the last several weeks. Congress on the other hand, has set themselves up with a very generous taxpayer funded pension that is not subject to market volatility.

And on top of their generous taxpayer funded pensions, many in Congress have huge personal stock portfolios worth millions of dollars. Some in Congress, whether by clairvoyance or information obtained in closed door meetings on capitol hill, were able to sell off millions in stock holdings prior to the market collapsing, thus preserving their personal fortunes.

Congress is unable relate to the plight of Americans they are supposed to be helping

Congress has a complete disconnect with the Americans they are supposed to be helping through the financial devastation created by local and state governments responding to this pandemic. Americans are economically suffering in ways that members of Congress cannot comprehend, which is why they seem so comfortable playing politics in a time of crisis.

If members of Congress earned what the average American worker earn and were forced to go without a paycheck during times of crisis, the rescue bill they are working on now would have been completed weeks ago and would be crafted to help Americans in a meaningful way.

Imagine if members of Congress had to rely on a 401k, subject to market volatility, like millions of Americans have to for their retirement, they would be bending over backwards to get this rescue package to President Trump’s desk for a signature.

Consequently, members of Congress, completely unaffected by the crisis, have been cramming this rescue bill with garbage from their political wish lists that have nothing to do with this crisis at all. The only thing Congress will accomplish with this rescue bill, regardless of what it includes or excludes, will be making a solid argument to the American people for term limits.

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