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Made in China: A National Security Threat

The United States once prided itself on its fight against communism whenever and wherever it reared its ugly head on the planet. Thousands of American service members have died over the decades in the name of rooting out communism around the world. Currently, in 2020, America now finds itself with a suicidal dependency to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) for personal protective equipment (PPE) and other critical medical supplies that are Made in China to combat a global pandemic that originated in China. This has reached a level of insanity that Americans are only now beginning to comprehend.

Made in China is America’s biggest National Security Threat

How in the hell did America end up in the position where damn near everything our country needs to survive a global pandemic is Made in China? Prior to China’s accession into the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2001, most Americans, members of Congress, and U.S. companies had a pretty healthy and reasonable level of mistrust for the CCP.

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The CCP is no different now than it was before entering the WTO. In fact, the only thing the CCP has been entirely transparent about the entire time has been its insatiable quest for geopolitical and economic dominance on the world stage.

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American government, knowing the national security threat that the CCP is and has always been, fell asleep at the wheel over the past several decades, allowing China to achieve its plainly stated goals. In fact, the U.S. Congress, over the past several decades, has legislatively loosened up damn near every restriction that has ever been put in place to keep the CCP in check and prevent it from becoming a national security threat.

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What could have possibly motivated Congress and previous administrations to literally put the safety and security of the American people in the hands of a communist regime like the People’s Republic of China? Congress and previous administrations have paved the way for the CCP to be in charge of the production and supply of all PPE, pharmaceuticals, and critical medical equipment that America desperately needs for its own survival during this global pandemic.

Where is Congress during this pandemic?

The safety and security of American citizens has been put in lethal jeopardy at the hands of its own government. The Trump administration has been sounding the alarm about China being a severe national security threat since President Trump took office in January 2017.

What was the response of Congress and sycophants from previous administrations? They claim, with the eager help of the media, that President Trump is a racist and xenophobe for raising such concerns and are even brazenly attempting to frame the Trump administration’s response to this global pandemic as inadequate.

To put this into perspective, Congress demanded that President Trump utilize the Defense Production Act (DPA) to force American companies into producing PPE and critical medical equipment. President Trump did in fact invoke the DPA, but fortunately many American companies have stepped up voluntarily and President Trump has only had to use the DPA sparingly. If everything America needed was produced here in this country, there would have never been a need to invoke the DPA.

Congress knew full well that they have been selling America down the Yangtze river for decades, leaving America and its citizens at the mercy of the CCP.

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For their part, Congress has taken no responsibility for their reckless legislative actions over the decades that led to America being nakedly exposed to the national security threat we are currently facing from the CCP.

Instead, Congress is seeking to put all the focus on the Trump administration’s response to the pandemic so their decades of incompetence that left America so vulnerable stays out of the spotlight.

American citizens have the power to fix the Made in China problem

It is painfully obvious that Congress has no interest or appetite to legislatively reverse our suicidal dependency on communist China. And in the absence of term limits for Congress, Americans can and should take corrective action and force the government into action.

American citizens can, and hopefully will, become very mindful of where the products they purchase are manufactured. Check the labels carefully and refuse to purchase anything that is Made in China. Be very wary of American companies that are currently operating in China or companies that China is heavily invested in and refuse to purchase their products.

To be blunter, if American citizens want to end our lethal dependency on Made in China, we need to band together and boycott all things China and buy American made products only. We can no longer rely on Congress to put American interests first, but we have enough purchasing power to force their hand.

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