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The “New Normal”: Authoritarian Rule

A lot of state governors around the country seem to be very comfortable, too comfortable in most cases, exercising the same authoritarian rule in their state that one would likely see and expect in the People’s Republic of China by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Will authoritarian rule become the “new normal” we are expected to embrace? Was America’s response to COVID-19 the right response? America has been through numerous pandemics, so why is our response to this one so different than previous pandemics?

America, by Constitutional Design, will never accept the New Normal of Authoritarian Rule

Knowing the characteristics of this virus, which have remained consistent from the beginning, was there another way America could have responded to this virus? Phase One and Phase Two of the Opening America Criteria encourages sheltering in place of vulnerable individuals and also prioritizes those members of the population for testing and treatment. That could have been done from the very start, which would have made shutting down the entire country and the economy completely unnecessary.

The characteristics of the virus informed us that it would spread through the population with great ease, but it also informed us that most of the people that contracted the virus would have mild or no symptoms and those people could have just stayed home from work and isolated themselves from vulnerable individuals while recovering instead of the “new normal” of being forced into unemployment and food lines.

It was never going to be feasible to test every single person in America. Testing should have been prioritized from the very beginning for “older adults and people of any age who have serious underlying medical conditions” and the healthcare workers who must care for them. The herd immunity approach could have been a reasonable option for the rest of the population.

Would America’s approach to the virus been different if there were mental health, economic, and constitutional experts included on the Coronavirus Task Force? It is a reasonable question to ask given the situation America has put itself in to “Slow the Spread.” American citizens need to know if the “whole of population” response to this virus was the right response.

Was there another way America could have responded?

American citizens have been told over and over again since the beginning of this pandemic that we need to listen to the ‘experts.’ Politicians, political pundits, and most of the media even demanded that President Trump listen to the ‘experts.’

There are a lot of things about this coronavirus that the medical experts have known since almost the beginning. It has been well documented since at least the end of January that the virus is highly transmittable from human to human. The virus can be transmitted by people who are asymptomatic, which rendered containment impossible. Well over 80 percent of the people who get the virus have mild or no symptoms requiring no hospitalization. And “older adults and people of any age who have serious underlying medical conditions” have the highest risk for severe illness and death from COVID-19 and are the most likely to require hospitalization.

These facts about the virus have remained consistent in the reporting from every country the virus has impacted, which amounts to almost every country on the planet. How often, in the history of virology and pandemics, have the medical experts had such precise and consistent characteristics about a virus to work with? Why was America’s response to the virus not tailored specifically to those characteristics, instead of the “whole of population” authoritarian response that has been adapted by some state governors?

Everyone in the free world fully expected the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to employ draconian measures in response to the virus. However, here in America, such measures are completely incompatible with our Constitution and our way of life.

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